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Is fish good for dogs? Absolutely yes! Find out why ..

Fish is an ideal protein source and its amino acid profile is comparable, and in some cases superior, to that of meat. In addition, fish fat is almost essentially composed of unsaturated fats that are much healthier than the saturated ones that make up meat, for example.
White fish (or lean fish), brings a lower percentage of fat. In general, therefore, white fish is excellent for dogs suffering from obesity and who need to follow a light diet. It is also ideal for older dogs both for its excellent protein intake and for its low calorie intake.
Blue fish, on the other hand, contains another percentage of fat and in particular of omega3 fatty acids. The benefits of these substances mainly concern the health of the skin and coat. In addition, omega 3 help protect the animal from cardiovascular disease and have proven anti-inflammatory properties.
Considering the nutritional characteristics of each type of fish, we have chosen to make a selection of the most precious and particular ones, to meet the taste of the most difficult subjects to satisfy, and with an eye to the needs of the most sensitive ones.

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Sturgeon has a good content of potassium and vitamin B12; it is also a good source of phosphorus and vitamin D which, according to studies, plays an important role in bone health.


Trout is rich in proteins and has an excellent Omega 3 content. It is rich in minerals such as zinc, iron, phosphorus. Its iodine content is considerable, and can cover an important part of the daily requirement


Salmon is rich in high biological value proteins. It also provides good concentrations of mineral salts such as phosphorus and selenium, while the sodium content is extremely low. Its contribution of omega 3s such as DHA and EPA is significant.


Contains fresh sturgeon as the first ingredient and is formulated without cereals, it is designed to meet the nutritional needs of medium-large adult dogs.

It is rich in fish and is formulated only with animal proteins derived from fish (sturgeon, salmon and trout), provides Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in an optimal ratio for the health of skin and hair, and is free from added artificial colors and preservatives .

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